If you're struggling with FEAR and self-doubt, and yet secretly know that you have plenty of potential with freelancing or growing your agency, and just wish you had a system that could land those Big WordPress Clients you've been dreaming of, then you'll want to keep reading...

...Because today you’ll learn about the proven system I use to beat self-doubt, how I create trust with my prospects and how I am able land $5,000, $10,000 and even $20,000+ WordPress projects, consistently and predictably...


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I’m not sure how you got here...

But I’m guessing you watched the video I posted earlier or just got off the phone with me.

You could’ve also just arrived and want to learn more about how you can start generating high value WordPress projects.

Or maybe you’re still feeling unsure and need a little more information…

In any case, I’m glad you’re here. I have a lot to walk you through.

Note: If you’re ready to join the course, then please scroll all the way down and take the next step. I can’t wait to see you there!


If You’re an Agency Owner or are Selling your Services as a Freelancer and…

You feel as if the only competitive edge you have is price. And you notice yourself racing down to the bottom, at risk of burnout (or at worst quitting altogether…)


You struggle to attract and convert high-quality prospects. And are tired of working with demanding, high-maintenance clients who do not pay you for your worth… And hate wasting your time, stuck in this endless cycle without a way out…


You are trapped in the grasp of impostor syndrome. And feel yourself being held back each time you send a proposal, try to negotiate, or raise your rates…


You wish you had a process that would solve these challenges. A proven, tested system which nets predictable and consistent returns. Something which “just works,” and brings success while taking away the pressure of succeeding online...

Then I have good news for you:

You are completely normal. It took me almost 10 YEARS to solve these challenges in my agency!

And I’m really excited to share my lessons learned with you today.

Because in the next few minutes, I’ll tell you how to overcome each and every one of those challenges.

And you’ll discover the system and process I personally use to secure WordPress projects worth $5,000 to $10,000 and even up to $20,000+

All while giving my clients more value and more return on their investments. From day one.

$25,750 WordPress Proposal

Plus, as you’ll read through this presentation, you’ll discover the key insights about human-centric sales psychology that you can use starting today.

But before we continue, please keep this in mind:

I designed this system so…

You won’t need to trick or manipulate anyone. So you can give yourself the peace of mind and build success free of guilt.

You don’t need to be someone you are not. Which means you won’t have to ‘repeat positive words in front of a mirror’, or fake enthusiasm as others might recommend to you.

You don’t need to learn any super technical knowledge or skills. Because all you need is the skill set you already have and already are good at.

Really. This is a System Designed for Humans

Built for designers, programmers, SEO specialists, agency owners, freelancers, or just about anybody wanting to start or grow a WordPress agency.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s slow things down a little.

You see…

Before I implemented this system… I was too insecure and honestly, too afraid to charge more than $3,000 per any given project…

I was struggling to charge more and I was always comparing myself to others. Stuck in a lonely rut and feeling like I was the only one stuck in my situation and had no idea how to get out of it.

I was in…

The Bear Trap Which Ensnares Nearly All Freelancers & Entrepreneurs.

Like a bear trap, it latches onto you. And it won’t let go. You’re trying to move forward but you just can’t…

Meanwhile, a grizzly bear is approaching, and somehow he’s holding red-lettered signs (yes in plain English!) with all the bills, targets, and deadlines you’re dealing with.

"I Felt Like an Imposter & They Were Going to Find Out"

In the meantime, you’re paralyzed, not knowing when your next paycheck is coming in, and you can’t find the right key to unlock the trap. And truly, this bear isn’t leaving any time soon.

If you’re anything like most people, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about…

I’m talking about the dreaded, paralyzing grasp of “impostor syndrome”.

The voice in your head which keeps on nagging and telling you how you’re in over your head, and everyone’s going to find out.

The vicious cycle and state of mind in which no matter what you do and accomplish, and despite the positive evidence, you still tell yourself how you’re a fake. A fraud.

Not worth raising your rates like you’ve wanted to. The next big project you’ve had your eyes on.

And not worth the success you deserve.

The Result?

You don’t price that proposal the way you know you are capable of and you’re just not seeing the growth you have hoped for…

You might even feel nervous just thinking about landing that big project.

Bottom line: You’re actively held back. By nobody but yourself.

Honestly, impostor syndrome might just be one of the biggest reasons why your proposals and cash flow are not as strong as you know they can be.

Have you ever had that " I am in over my head and they are going to find out" feeling?

And are you guilty of giving your clients “a more affordable option” because you feel ...

  • ... like price is the only thing you feel can compete with
  • ... insecure about the value you provide
  • … or just unsure of how you could even raise your rates

While deep down you know you’re capable of achieving so much more. If so, then…

Know this:

There’s a real, proven way out of impostor syndrome. All you need is the right key.


The trap is unlocked – you’re free. And it all starts with a few vital insights that will show you a whole new path. Once you internalize these insights and make them a part of your mindset...

Then they’ll completely change the way you do business…Because as you probably know, success doesn’t come from working harder.

As you probably know.

It comes from having the right mindset. The right process. And leveraging a system which works.

You’ll be surprised to see what happens once you apply it…


What if I could give you a proven process that can get YOU the results you are after?

Give you the key to unlock yourself from impostor syndrome… And free you from all the traps which hold you back.

What if you had the process that I personally use to generate $5,000, $10,000 and even more than $20,000 per WordPress project?

Just Imagine...

What if you could consistently close WordPress projects for $8,756 or more...

With a client who trusts you fully. Who knows you’re the right person for the job?

And YOU know you’re the right person for the job.

Wouldn’t it be a Dream Come True?

Shouldn’t you feel…
comfortable, confident, and excited?

Ready to take on more valuable WordPress projects?

And inspire your prospects to invest in you?

If you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, business or agency owner
Then unlocking yourself means…

  • Acquiring bigger projects.
    Projects which produce a higher return on investment for your clients, which in turn allows you to charge more (because of the value you provide) and makes you more likely to be referred. This is the driving force behind exponential growth.
  • Working with confidence.
    Ready to take on any challenge. Certain of your own ability. And building a reputation which gets you the recurring work anyone would dream of.
  • You’ll stop self-sabotaging.
    And send out those proposals with confidence. With the tools to keep doubt or any form of thought paralysis at bay by changing your relationship with these feelings. Just imagine the productivity and speed you’ll have without self-doubt…
  • Capitalizing on new opportunities.
    When you see a potential hot market, or niche, which is primed for the taking, you’ll be the one who goes for it. Because this system, the confidence, and the knowledge you’ll gain works in any industry or market.
  • Negotiating with power.
    And without guilt. Without tricks. Without manipulation. Because you’ll use the one simple secret which creates win-win situations for you and your prospective clients.
  • Having a proven system.
    Giving you something to fall back on. A foundation which is solid and reliable. Because truthfully, success with your agency doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it. Unfortunately, without a system it is.

You might say:

“If it’s that easy, and all it takes is one key to unlock the traps which hold me back…Then…
why isn’t everyone doing it?”

Well, almost every freelancer, or agency owner could, yet there’s one specific problem.

Finding the key isn’t easy.

It cost me thousands of dollars to figure this out. And even more when you include all the revenue I left on the table during that time...

It took almost 10 years to crack the code.

Yet when I finally had it…

I went from earning less than a $50,000 per year to generating almost $500,000 since implementing this process.

Honestly, I think you might even be shocked by how I did it:

  • Because it’s not convincing yourself how you’re worth more. As you may have tried (as I tried…)
  • It’s not learning in-depth mastery of skills you don’t have (effectively changing what you’re good at. I mean, how would that address the problem?)

Instead, it’s:

  • Changing your mindset. Giving yourself new insights. Knowing what causes failure and then overcoming it. And having the right training to make your mindset stick.
  • Discovering the factors which create success. Or to put it differently, knowing which mistakes and beliefs cause failure. And then having the tools to change those beliefs.
  • Delivering value to your clients. Over and over. Again and again. From day one. Read on, and I’ll show you exactly how. But first I must tell you about…

These 5 “Success Traps” which cause most, (IF NOT ALL) freelancers, entrepreneurs, and agencies to struggle…

Let’s zoom in.

I call these failure-creating beliefs “Mindset Traps.”
And the actions you take because of them will always keep success out of reach…

They keep you stuck in place (just like impostor syndrome.)
And you might be in one right now without knowing!
So, I’ve lined them up for you down below. Let’s take a look.

Mindset Trap #1:

“I can only compete on price”

Here is the harsh reality: Clients don’t care about you, your logo or your website.

All which matters to them is their Return on Investment.

The value you can bring.

It isn’t about having the cheapest, or the most affordable’ proposal in the room.

It’s having the most valuable one.

Ask yourself: How will they make a return on their investment with me?

Because when you compete solely on price or hours, you’re putting yourself in a race down to the bottom.

And the result isn’t a pretty one…

Instead, deliver value from day one. Show your prospects you’re worth investing in. Really, the only way to gain their trust is by investing in them first.

"Adding value has become more than just a sound business principle..."

Here’s a quote I love from former SEC Chairman, Arthur Levitt Jr.

“Today it’s fashionable to talk about the New Economy, the Information Economy, or the Knowledge Economy. But when I think about the imperatives of this market, I view today’s economy as the Value Economy. Adding value has become more than just a sound business principle; it is both the common denominator and the competitive edge.”

In short, become value-based. Give yourself the competitive advantage which lets you charge more and compete on the value your provide, instead of on price.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself: How do I add value? How do I get out of the low-price trap?

I’ll tell you in the next section. But first…

Mindset Trap #2:

“I can’t attract and convert high value clients.”

High value clients, like any other client, look for a maximum return on their investments. They want to make a profit. In whatever form. They want value.

And believe it or not, they’re willing to make an equal (monetary) exchange for it.

But… it’s up to you to show them the potential value they can get.

Show them where you’ll lead them.

Yet, the moment you only focus on price, and being the cheapest, most affordable option, then the less likely you are to get in contact with them.

Worst-case scenario: You might even scare them off.

Read on if you’d like to discover how to convert high-value clients.

And unlock this trap, too.

But now...

Mindset Trap #3:

“I Feel Like an Imposter”

So long as the voice in the back of your head keeps nagging and telling you how you’re not good enough. It will…

Keep you from raising your rates.

Keep you from taking action. And…

Make you think of yet another creative excuse as to why you can’t do it.

The Result? The client chooses a different agency to move forward with...

Impostor Syndrome keeps you from where you want to be. I know this first-hand. This limiting belief held me back for 8+ years!

You can see the success you want, but you won’t reach out for it

What you need is the key to get out of the Impostor Syndrome Bear Trap.

Fortunately, it’s there. And I’m about to give it to you.

But before we get there, let’s look at…

Mindset Trap #4:

“I always compare myself to others.”

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who doesn’t do so, but when I was in your shoes all I could do was compare myself to others. To other “experts.”

I was jealous of their success.

And all I could think of was how big of a loser I was. How my work sucked.

(It didn’t even matter if my clients would praise me. Because I would still feel the same way.)

If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others, and have unrealistic expectations, then the best you can do is “meet” those expectations.

Anything less, and you’re unhappy.

And if you miraculously meet those expectations, then you’re still not satisfied.

“Because you could’ve done ‘better’.”

This trap is particularly deliberating and drags you into a continuous downward spiral.

Before I give you the way out, here’s…

Mindset Trap #5:

“There are so many tools and tactics to try and keep up with...”

If you frequently hop from the latest thing to the next, such as:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google ads
  • Instagram stories
  • TikTok
  • SEO
  • Chatbots
  • Funnels
  • Ai
  • Or any other latest trends in hopes for a competitive advantage…

Then you might have, what I like to call - Shiny Object Syndrome.

Your strategy might seem to bring you new clients, and larger projects…

But at the end of the day, this is a plan which focuses only on prettier, larger, and more spectacular things…

Instead of creating as much value as you can for your client.

Because if you’re not competing on value, then no matter how beautiful your shiny object is, it’s ultimately attached to a strategy which is fundamentally flawed…


Now you know the 5 Success Traps.

But how do you unlock them?

How do you keep yourself from being held back and set yourself up for success?


“If everything I’ve been doing so far is wrong...then what’s the alternative?”

Let’s Talk About the System

And the Two Things You Must Have:

  • Trust, which you must earn if you want to convert high-value clients. It’s how they’ll know you can take them from their current situation to their desired outcome.
  • Strategy, a proven process that creates trust and provides value. The plan and methods you carry out to gain their rapport. Before they’ve invested even a penny with you.

If you have a system in place which focuses on these two components, then you’ll find yourself in your desired outcome.

If you’ve made it this far, then I’m going to assume you’re not generating the revenue which you know you’re capable of.

And while you might still struggle with impostor or shiny objects syndrome, you can still succeed.

Because everything ultimately boils down to the strategy which you use.

And this strategy lets you deliver clear value. Meaning you will know what you deliver. This is how you get rid of impostor syndrome.

Here Are My 2020 Results

In June, I generated over $127,000 for an Ecommerce client. In just one month, using email automations.

We redesigned, developed, and implemented an email automation strategy for a lead generation client that sells $10,000+ laser machines. They went from selling a total of just 29 units in 2019 - to 129 units in one month!

Yet, that’s not all…

Last year, one of my clients got acquired just 15 months after launch after I implemented the principles, methods, and processes of my system.

And lastly, with the help of this system…

I took an Ecommerce site from $750,000 in Annual sales to over $5.5 million in annual sales in 12 months.

Bottom line: This system works.

So, if you’re ready to use a proven system which lets you predictably and consistently deliver tremendous value to your clients, giving you greater profits, and referrals…

Then here’s how:


The most comprehensive, ROI-focused training for freelancers, marketers, and agency owners to deliver value to their clients from day one.

Give yourself a proven, tested system which you can use to increase your rates, land larger projects, and get rid of self-sabotage and self-doubt.

But let’s get one thing out of the way first.

The UPWORD Course is not for everyone. You’ll be expected to work. Except now, you’ll be working smarter.

Because when you work both hard, and smart, you’ll gain many rewards. Use the UPWORD course to take ownership and generate revenue inside your digital business from 2021 and beyond.

After signing up you’ll gain immediate access to:

  • 8 week-long training programs
    (Selling for $1,000 - $2,000 each)
  • 34+ modules PLUS training videos
  • Expert instructors for mindset, legal, copywriting, paid ads and accounting
  • A wide range of action items: templates, sheets, walkthroughs, systems, how-to-scenarios, and case studies.

In short: You’ll gain mastery through this every-thing-you-need training course allowing you to thrive online. This is the key you’ve been looking for.

What You’ll Get....

Meet Your Instructors

Jon TaggartFounder of UPWORD & Taggart Media Group

Jon is the founder of UPWORD Consulting and his WordPress Agency, Taggart Media Group has generated over $10 million dollars for his clients...

Read More
jon taggart course

Kris KelsoKris Kelso Executive Coach, Leadership Advisor & Author

Kris Kelso is a keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and is the author of "Overcoming The Impostor: Silence Your Inner Critic and Lead with Confidence". Trained and certified as an executive coach...

Read More
Kris Kelso

Luke HovestadtDirect Response Copywriting Expert

Luke is a Direct Response Copywriter, Marketer, and Entrepreneur. He owns and operates an advertising & publishing business, and is the co-founder of a software technology start-up...

Read More
Luke Hovestadt

Shawn Wilborne, Esq.Founding Attorney Wilborne Law

Shawn Wilborne, Esq., is the Founding Attorney at Wilborne Law, where his team helps startups and small businesses with intellectual property, contract, and corporate structure issues...

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shawn wilborne

Ryan MulvihillEmail Marketing Expert

Ryan Mulvihill is an email marketing expert and the founder of Email Allstars, a Gold Partner of Klaviyo that helps businesses increase their sales...

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Travis GarskiPaid Ads Expert

Travis is a paid media expert with over 10 years of digital advertising and marketing experience. From organic social media calendars to ads with budgets of upwards of $30k per day...

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Travis Garski

Danielle MulveyHost of Profit First Nation

Danielle Mulvey is a former flight attendant turned $50,000,000+ in annual revenue entrepreneur who has cracked the code on how to profitably scale multiple businesses...

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Danielle Mulvey


Overcome your Psychological Obstacles

Explore your hurdles and use the key to unlock the 5 Success Traps. Learn how to compete on value, attract high-value clients, break out of impostor syndrome’s grasp, stop comparing yourself to others, and learn to never lose focus on what really matters.

  • How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome taught by Kris Kelso who wrote the book on it.
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • The success mindset to converting high-value WordPress projects
  • Resources and action items
  • Jon Taggart
  • Kris Kelso

Value: $997


Discover the Human to Human Formula

In this module, you’ll learn how to use the human-to-human process to bring value to your prospects from day one. Practical, and hands-on actionable lessons which give you the power to identify “value areas” in which you can bring your prospects great service (and beat any competition.)

  • You’ll discover the secret mechanism behind the strategy session formula. Pinpoint the exact prospects and business processes which you and your clients need to focus on.
  • You’ll find out how to write a proposal which converts. Combine this with the strategy sessions, and you’re bound to land larger projects.
  • You’ll know precisely how to form agreements and handle customer invoicing. And make sure you and your future clients are on the same page.
  • You’ll see what NOT to do and see my “Old Way vs New Way” comparison and why you must follow the new way.
  • Jon Taggart
  • Luke Hovestadt
  • Shawn Wilborne

Value: $1,997


Creating the Right Design for Your Clients

More hands-on training in which you’ll find the differences between custom and template WordPress projects, and when, how, and why you’ll need to pick one over the other.
You’ll know how to choose the right template for your clients, how to submit for feedback, and more.

These lessons give you the ability to consider project types, and factor in all the variables your clients ask for.

  • You’ll see just how easily you can make your own custom designs and customize existing templates.
  • You’ll know how to find a designer. And how to plan accordingly with them to ensure project success.
  • You’ll know how to present, edit, and get your work approved by the client. And know how to move forward.
  • You’ll tie it all together and internalize the material through the action items.
  • Jon Taggart

Value: $497


How to Leverage and Scale Your Agency with WordPress

You’ll need development manpower as you grow. In this training module you’ll see the common pitfalls and mistakes to look out for when hiring. From finding a reliable WordPress developer, to working with a contractor, communication, quality control, and payment…

This module gives you everything you need to scale your business.

  • You’ll be able to decide to hire offshore or onshore – in what scenarios they work, and why to pick one over the other.
  • What never to do when hiring a WordPress developer and the mistake I made which costs him lots of opportunities and profits. Be sure to avoid it!
  • You’ll tie it all together and internalize the material through the action items.
  • Jon Taggart

Value: $597


Email Automation: Or the Single Most Important Marketing Channel You Have to Master

An often overlooked, yet easy skill to get good at which could bring your clients tremendous success. You’ll discover the automation platforms to use (and how to use them, too.) Whether it’s for Ecommerce or Lead Gen.

  • Lead gen email automation training
  • Ecommerce email automation training
  • The many principles behind email copywriting which you need to finally write high converting copy.
  • A/B testing for monthly retainers
  • Jon Taggart
  • Luke Hovestadt
  • Ryan Mulvihill

Value: $1,497


How to Launch Your WordPress Project

Follow along in this training week and get the checklist for a successful launch, where NOT to host (and where you should), the importance of CloudFlare, how to transfer websites…

  • How to QA test successfully, ensuring quality on all browsers and devices. AND how to find a QA tester too…
  • You’ll know the security, analytics, forms, and speed optimization points to look out for before you launch.
  • You’ll tie it all together and internalize the material through the action items.
  • Jon Taggart

Value: $397


How to Generate Recurring Revenue

Find out the passive income sources Jon left on the table for much too long, but now uses to put peace of mind (and cash-flow) in his account. The perfect side channels and income sources you can integrate in your WordPress digital business. You’ll be surprised how little time and energy they cost.

  • You’ll know which type of passive income source suits your style.
  • You’ll tie it all together and internalize the material through the action items.
  • Jon Taggart

Value: $597


Client Acquisition and More

In the last training week of the course, you’ll be ready to land your first projects. You’ll learn how to get clients (through different marketing channels and using the methods you’ve learned in the previous weeks) and qualify yourself for white label agency work.

  • You’ll know how to give yourself “profit-first”, through Jon’s created accounting system, to ensure healthy cash-flow.
  • Training on your new agency website that is included with this course
  • How to get clients
  • Ad copywriting
  • Getting referals effortlessly
  • Jon Taggart
  • Luke Hovestadt
  • Travis Garski
  • Danielle Mulvey

Value: $8,997

But wait, there’s more…

Get These FREE Bonuses:


Professional Legal Agreement

Master Services Agreement

Drafted legal agreement created by a vetted attorney. You'll have a Master Services Agreement you’ll be able to send out the door immediately (with minimal customization) to your clients.

Extra value for you: $997


Ready-to-Send Client Proposals

Proposals Jon uses himself to land $5,000 to $10,000 to $20,000 worth projects with. For every niche you wish to target:

  • Lead Generation
  • Ecommerce
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
Extra value for you: $897


A Fully Built & Optimized WordPress Agency Site

Including all critical pages: landing pages for lead generation, payment processing, email notifications. All you need to do is include your business logo and name and you’re ready to sell.

Extra value for you: $3,497


Google and Facebook Ads for Strategy Sessions

You’ve learned how to do strategy sessions and you know how to land large-scale projects. Obviously, you’ll want to have as many of them as you can.

Through the included ad copy BONUS ASSET you’ll turn strangers into traffic and schedule strategy sessions. Which turns into projects for your WordPress Agency.

Extra value for you: $497


Profit First Cash Flow Accounting System

Know exactly where funds need to go when you get paid. Pay yourself profit first and get rid of cash flow issues. This FREE BONUS lets you watch your bank account grow. Consistently and predictably.

Extra value for you: $897


Weekly Q&A Sessions

In which you can ask and submit questions, and tap into Jon’s decade long experience. Giving you practically limitless value and insight to help you get where you want to be.

Extra value for you: LIMITLESS

Add it all up, and you’ll get a total value of: $22,964!

But fortunately, you won’t pay anywhere near this much…

Since your success is so ESSENTIAL to us, we’re giving you 90 days to learn, profit, and scale your WordPress agency.

Use the material. Use the bonuses. Book your strategy sessions with your prospects and land your first prospects.

Thrive as an online WordPress agency and never look back!

Watch your success unfold, and see what you’re capable of. And if it doesn’t work out for you, then yes, we have a guarantee.

If you go through the entire program, take action and do all of the work and don’t get results, ask us for help and we’ll do our best to troubleshoot the problem and fix it so that you can get results.

However, if we are unable to troubleshoot your problem and you’ve done all of the work, we’ll issue you a full refund right away (as long as it is within 90 days of purchase). You can always reach out to us at [email protected], on our private community or on our weekly QA sessions with me.

Enroll today, and you’ll get:
  • TRAINING WEEK #1: Overcome your Psychological Obstacles. VALUE: $997

  • TRAINING WEEK #2: Discover the Human to Human Formula VALUE: $1,997

  • TRAINING WEEK #3: Picking the Right Design for Your Customers VALUE: $497

  • TRAINING WEEK #4: Scaling Your WordPress Agency VALUE: $597

  • TRAINING WEEK #5: Email Automation: Or the Single Most Important Marketing Channel You Have to Master VALUE: $1,497

  • TRAINING WEEK #6: How to Launch Your WordPress Project VALUE: $497

  • TRAINING WEEK #7: Extra Recurring Revenue Sources for You to Profit From VALUE: $597

  • TRAINING WEEK #8: Client Acquisition and More VALUE: $8,779

  • BONUS ASSET #1: Professional Legal Agreements VALUE: $997

  • BONUS ASSET #2: Ready-to-Send Client Proposals VALUE: $897

  • BONUS ASSET #3: A Fully Built & Optimized WordPress Agency Site VALUE: $1,497

  • BONUS ASSET #4: Google and Facebook Ads for Strategy Sessions VALUE: $497

  • BONUS ASSET #5: Profit First Cash Flow Accounting System VALUE: $897

  • BONUS ASSET #5: Weekly Q&A Sessions VALUE: Endless

Again, add it all up and you’re looking at a total real-world value of more than $22,964!

But just because your success is so ESSENTIAL to us, and we’re so excited to launch this course, we’re offering it to you for just…

Financing Available with 0% Interest for First 6 Months

Bottom line: Instead of writing a check for the price of a Toyota, you’re getting 78% off.

Whether you’re investing in installments, or in a one time purchase, you’re saving at LEAST $17,967!!! That is a 78% savings!

The UPWORD Course: $22,964

Today, for just: $1,497

Enroll Today

Financing Option Available

0% Interest for First 6 Months

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! I designed this course to be easy to digest and it is broken into easy chunks for busy people. You can go through each week’s modules as quickly or as slowly as you prefer. What we really care about is that you are taking action each week.

I absolutely wish I could guarantee this for each and every student that goes through the course, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee any type of results. What I do know is that this process works for me and my agency. It has completely transformed my business and mindset.

If you go through the entire program, take action, and do all of the work without getting results, ask us for help and we’ll do our best to troubleshoot the problem and guide you toward your desired outcome.

However, if, after you’ve done all the work, we still are unable to troubleshoot your problem, we’ll issue you a full refund right away (as long as it is within 90 days of purchase).

You can always reach out to us at [email protected], in our private community, or during the weekly QA sessions with me.

I have designed this course to begin delivering results from week 1. If you put in the time and take action, you can see improvements quickly. It really comes down to how much time and energy you are willing to put into this course weekly.

Absolutely! Once you enroll in the course, you will have access to all 8 weeks of training 24/7 and will have lifetime access to the course you enrolled in.

We offer multiple channels for support. We have a private community where you can ask questions or you can feel free to ask me anything during our weekly Q&A call. Finally, you can also submit a ticket to our Support Team and we’ll follow up with you promptly.

Yes! I know how important cashflow is with any online business, especially when you are just starting out. There were a lot of courses I would have taken if this would have been an option for me, so I wanted to make sure that this was an option for my course.

The UPWORD Course: $22,964

Today, for just: $1,497

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WARNING: This course is NOT for you if…
  • YOU ARE JUST STARTING OUT AND HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE. For this course to work, you MUST have at least one marketable skill. Such as WordPress development, web design, SEO, digital marketing, etc.
  • YOU LIKE TO MAKE EXCUSES. This course is NOT a free money, get rich quick, or no-effort type of deal. Making excuses will get you nowhere. You must commit to your own SUCCESS.
  • YOU ARE AFRAID TO TAKE ACTION. Just as you must commit yourself and make no excuses, this course requires you to TAKE ACTION. Getting out of your comfort zone and feeling uncomfortable is the ONLY way to GROW.
YES, This is the Perfect Course For You If …
  1. You’re looking for a proven system which WORKS. When you know you’re capable of more… and you want to charge more for your services. When you want the formula to land bigger projects and land high-value clients… when you feel you’re ready to take the next step.
  2. You’re looking for a higher level of confidence, and FINALLY turn down the nagging, self-sabotaging impostor syndrome voice in the back of your head. And want to unlock your Success Traps, which prevent you from reaching your potential for once and for all. The key is right here for you to take.
  3. You want to invest in YOURSELF, so your clients will then INVEST in you. Because the only way you’ll get to the next stage of your success is by putting the time, effort, and work into yourself…

The UPWORD Course: $22,964

Today, for just: $1,497

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Financing Option Available

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If you’re still feeling unsure…

Then remember, I was in your shoes once. I was afraid to charge for what I was worth. I was stuck in the grasp of impostor syndrome…

I know what it’s like. So, isn’t it time for you to step out of it?

And start implementing this system, and just like me, unlock all the success traps and start your change towards success?

Because if I can do it, then so can you. You too can compete on value…

You too can build the business you deserve.

You too can land high-value clients.

And in the process, deliver them incredible value…

Think about it, using this system you could achieve the same results as I did, and help your clients become successful. And in turn, get more referrals. Plus get paid more for it, too.

The best part? You can use the system, and if after trying it and troubleshooting with us for the next 90 days it still doesn’t work out, then you’ll get a full refund.

The UPWORD Course:

The UPWORD Course: $22,964

Today, for just: $1,497

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Financing Option Available

0% Interest for First 6 Months

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TRUTH: Over 80% of Freelancers, Digital Entrepreneurs, and Agency Owners Who Are Reading This Will…

“Think About It,” Bookmark the Chrome Tab and Forget All About It Until I’ve Either Closed Enrollment or Increased the Course Price.

They’ll go along their way, with success ever out of reach while their goals slowly fade and their dreams face abandonment…

For example:
  1. They won’t take any action because they want to wait until they feel certain they’ll succeed – how many more blog posts and podcasts is that going to take?

    How much is it costing you?: Every client you could’ve helped with your skills continues along with bad designs, terrible SEO, awful copy, while you could’ve shined.
  2. They’ll know they need to overcome their success traps, and they know they’ll need a system to expand and scale and “the rest of that stuff,” so they go out and do it (poorly) and then claim it doesn’t work. Or they take a decade like I did to figure it out…

    True cost: Building a real digital business will forever seem out of reach.
  3. They luck out and end up with a miracle… yet they’ll experience the terror which inevitably strikes when the market shifts and they don’t have enough understanding of the fundamentals to recreate their success…

    True cost: An even stronger sense of impostor syndrome deliberating you further, even though you’ve had a ‘success,’ yet you can’t generate any more consistently and predictably.
  4. The UPWORD Course:

The UPWORD Course: $22,964

Today, for just: $1,497

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Financing Option Available

0% Interest for First 6 Months

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Instead, give yourself the system I personally use…

And will continue to use it to convert highly valuable, profitable clients… those clients you’ve always wanted, now consistently and predictably.
Use the human-to-human process and land projects worth $5,000 to $10,000 and EVEN up to $20,000+ per WordPress project.

Once you implement this system, along with the 8 short weeks of training, you’ll instantly set up your digital business for success…

And remember, if you’ve used the system, if you’ve applied the methods and the lessons with prospects, and it still didn’t work.

You have 90 days after your purchase to get a FULL refund.

The UPWORD Course: $22,964

Today, for just: $1,497

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Get in Touch with Me Personally.

Maybe you still have questions to ask me. And while I hoped to answer most of them in this presentation, I can imagine you might still have some. So, I want you to know you’re free to reach out to me personally.

Send me an email here:

[email protected]

I’ll answer any question you have.

I absolutely can’t wait to see you in the course and on our weekly Q&A sessions!

The UPWORD Course: $22,964

Today, for just: $1,497

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Financing Option Available

0% Interest for First 6 Months

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