UPWORD Consulting - Week 8

White Label Agency Work


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Hi, everyone. Welcome to week eight and module two. And this module I'm going to be covering, uh, the white label tactic strategy that I use, um, that has kept projects coming in for me automatically. I haven't had to rely a whole lot on advertising. Um, this has gotten me a lot of referrals and more agencies, um, and this works really, really well.

Um, so what you're going to see here, this is actually my agency site, but this is what's included with the course. Um, the very last module, don't worry. I train you exactly how all this works. Uh, but for now I want to kind of walk you through, um, how I utilize this and how it helps my business and how it can help you yours as well.

Um, so essentially just white labeling, um, is

I've partnered with other agencies, digital marketing agencies, SEO agencies, um, people that do other web design services, really, they need all of those types of agencies need someone that they know and can trust that can do a great job for them

because you essentially will be representing their agency. And there's two different ways to go about it. And you, I always offer both, um, to the agency and kind of on a per project basis that they can decide. Um, but what's great is especially with digital marketing agencies, they don't necessarily have an internal web design and development team or WordPress team, same thing with SEO agencies.

And what happens with all of these agencies and all of their campaigns is inevitably it all revolves around a website and they need help with landing pages. They need help with, um, creating new sites, all this stuff, email marketing, it all fits into exactly what we've trained you over the last eight weeks. And so this is a great way to offer your services,

um, at sometimes at a discount just to bring it in, to bring in that revenue. Um, and that usually makes sense for the agency that you're partnering with. Um, and there's just a lot of different ways you can go about it, but I want to kind of walk you through my strategy, um, and how you can reach out organically that won't cost you any money. Um, unless you want to hire a VA to kind of do it for you. Um, but essentially what we're doing here, as I mentioned is we're essentially just white labeling our services.

So, um, Taggart media group, when I do this, it doesn't exist. So I am essentially an extension of the agencies that I partner with right now. We white label for about five different agencies.

So that brings in consistent work, which just takes that stress off. If your pipelines running low, um, then you've got this as well. So products are always coming in.

Um, and so on this page, I just want to walk you through, this is, uh, for agency owners, this is where you want to send agency owners to get more information. Um, and even for that, um, we've got, uh, they can schedule a strategy session as well. Um, and then I like to show some of work off, um, obviously just to see the quality of our work testimonials again, social proof and how we can help their business or agency. So we talk about WordPress design and development. Obviously that's the core of everything, automated email marketing. Um, we offer conversion optimization services as well. That's kind of a whole different beast, uh, but if that's something you're comfortable with, or if you have some other offering you want to include here, um, basically just, these are the three things that are in our wheelhouse that we focus on. Um, and here's how it typically works. We start with a free strategy session, uh, explain our process, get to know each other, see if we're a good fit for each other. Um, and then moving forward, I give the agencies two different options. Um, so I can give them discounted pricing on projects that they can upsell. Um, and we stay behind the scenes completely. I've one agency that I stay behind the scenes completely and do everything that I normally would do. But tagger meeting group doesn't exist. Um, or we Work directly with their clients. They provide an email for us and we work directly. We usually charge our normal rates and give them either some sort of a referral fee or some sort of kickback, or it might just be value add for them, but those are the two different options. So either I discount it if I don't have to deal with the client and it's just, I'm dealing with my partner agency and then they're dealing with the client, I will give them a discount that they can upsell. So they essentially take my proposal and upsell it, add their own profit on top of it, or if they want me to work directly with their clients, uh, I will ask them to provide me with an email and their project management system. And then, uh, I'm going to obviously charge more for their products and then really it's following the same thing. So this is where it can get a little bit different where I don't always bring in customer avatar discovery sessions, especially if I'm not dealing with the client, this will become more typical. Hey, here's the scope of work. Give me a price on this and you won't have to deal with a client, but if you are going to be client facing, uh, I actually just did this yesterday for a $25,000 WordPress project, uh, through white label agency. They brought us on, we did a customer avatar session. Um, we're building in email automations, the entire process that you've gone through and it got me a $25,000 project. And I marked it up. I, I gave it a slight discount so that they could mark it up. So the agency could get some sort of revenue for bringing the business to us, but also we're helping them as well, being an extension of their team. So that's pretty much how it works. Um, and then from here contact form.

So what I recommend is any time you need to speak to agencies, or if you're talking to agencies, if you're at a networking event,

send them directly to this link, this will explain kind of the process. Um, and

then you can also do outreach on LinkedIn. Um, so you could message agency owners, SEO agencies, digital marketing agencies, if they need help with this. Um,

I would also recommend crafting two different messages while you're networking on LinkedIn and then have VA's reach out and see, um, if there's any interest and get them, uh, to this page and start generating leads, because if you can start white labeling, it just brings in additional work that you don't have to go looking for and

it can help grow your agency automatically, um, while you're filling up your pipeline. So that's pretty much the nuts and bolts of white labeling is pretty straightforward. Um, but this has been a game changer for me and my agency. It has kept me afloat when times have been rough, um, projects come in and I literally just started on a $25,000 WordPress project that is white labeled. So this works, um, send agency owners to this page. I don't even think you need to buy traffic, just network organically and let people know that you offer white labeling services. in the final module. Uh, I go over how to edit all of this site. Um, so don't worry about that right now, but this is white labeling. I highly recommend you include it with your agency. It brings in additional product projects and revenue and referrals. And if you do a great job for this agency, the projects just don't stop. People need WordPress, web design and developers that they could know and trust to do a great job and represent their agency.