UPWORD Consulting - Week 7

The Old Way Vs The New Way


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Everyone welcome to week seven in module two, and this one's a quick one, I just kind of wanted to talk about the old way new way versus launching a site and then hosting and maintenance because, as I've mentioned multiple times. This is one of my biggest regrets.

When it first started my agency for years. I avoided doing any sort of hosting or maintenance just because I didn't want to deal with this story I thought that it would just be difficult, and you can't charge that much and it just would be more of a headache. And it turns out to be the opposite and I've left so much money on the table and probably so many referrals because I didn't do this.

Once I made the switch. This brought in additional revenue, it kind of fills those plugs in those cash flow plugs when you're just needing that extra cash flow whether clients are slow to pay, slow to get started, whatever it might be. And this also has gotten me plenty of referrals because when you do a good job just maintaining when they can trust you, again, it all comes back to trust.
You're just going to see, you're going to reap the rewards of that. And so what I do now is I obviously include 30 days of maintenance, not necessarily hosting. That's going to be a different module.
But so what I do is, after I launch the site 30 days of maintenance is included we set everything up as if they're going to continue with us, with backups and the whole bit. And then once that's over. I just set a calendar reminder for 30 days out, and I just shoot an email over to them and I'll include that down below as one of the resources that you can just copy and paste, and included on the site which I'm about to walk you through this is all done automatically for you so you don't have to worry about it, they pay online, they get started, they get an email automatically telling them exactly what the next steps are get onto your ticketing system, and you are up and rockin so old way, launch it without maintenance, then the new way is launching it with maintenance, built in for the first 30 days, and then after that, get them to start paying every month, and we think we are hosting and maintaining probably about 50 to 60 websites right now so it's fantastic. It's great additional revenue. Also, new referrals so highly recommend that you build this into your WordPress project so after you launch it, build this in for additional revenue and referrals, see on the next module.