UPWORD Consulting - Week 7



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Hey everyone welcome to week seven in module one. And in this module we're going to be covering hosting and maintenance.

This is something that I wish I would have started earlier in my agency I actually avoided it. And the reason why is I just kind of had a limited mindset and was thinking that it'd be too much trouble and too much work to offer hosting and maintenance and have to deal with clients that might be a little bit needy, but that was a big mistake, it was actually one of my biggest regrets with my agency is not doing this right away.

It is a great recurring revenue generator. It plugs holes it fills things in when projects are slow and it's something that can scale up, as you grow a lot of clients don't want to have to deal with hosting and maintenance, mostly on the maintenance side

and on the hosting side this will be for more advanced users people that are comfortable with a bit more of server side, tech stuff but when it comes to maintenance. This is something that I highly recommend offering each and every one of your clients, because it brings on additional revenue, and it is just a great thing to have in your agency and it's something that I highly recommend I can't recommend it enough so I'm gonna walk you through exactly how we handle this how I structure it how we support it, and how to, how I make it is painless as possible. For myself and for my team.