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So everyone welcome to week seven, module four. And in this, I'm going to quickly go over. If you're going to offer hosting, I'm going to walk you through the hosting company. I use why I use them and then the two different kind of server options that I have and why have those? Um, so I'm not a developer, I'm not a system admin. I know enough to be dangerous. Um, and if I have the right tools, I'm able to figure it out, most things, um, for my clients. Um, if it's a site that is pretty robust or anything that I don't feel comfortable with, it's not something I take on. This is for kind of my average middle of the road, WordPress site. That is just pretty straightforward. Once it gets beyond that, it's out of my realm where I feel comfortable taking on hosting wise. And so I don't even offer it, but I do offer it, especially when it comes to clients that have servers on GoDaddy, which GoDaddy is horrendous. Um, and for me, I just found if I off, if I just include hosting with my maintenance, it'll sweeten the deal and it'll give more value, but also it'll make my life easier. Working with a server that I know is going to work well, it's fast, it's modern and I don't have to deal with GoDaddy. So let me walk you through the company I use. Um, the company is called green geeks. Um, they are based out of Southern California. What I love about them is they're environmentally conscious. Um, so everything they do is sustainable energy to power, everything. They plant trees, whole bunch of cool stuff, but more importantly than that is their support is amazing. 24 7 live chat. And to get back to you quickly, um, there's no way I would be able to offer hosting to my clients, um, without these guys, um, their support is that good because I don't know everything. There is not even close to everything there is to need to know about hosting. Um, I know enough to get sites up, set up and that's about it. So whenever there's a more complicated issue, I can just create a ticket with these guys, get fast answers, live chat with them, phone calls. They're awesome. This is pretty much the only hosting company I'd recommend, uh, for that reason because you have an incredible support team behind you. Um, and so, yeah, I highly recommend them if you have your own fantastic. Um, and then let me walk you through the two different servers I have. Um, so the first one is a VPs, and so I believe I am on the currently I'm at a four gigabit, um, VPs, and I use this actually, we might've upgraded to an eight. So clients that have bigger sites or require more performance or bit more hands-on I placed them on the VPs and SVPs just essentially is a virtual private server. You get more access to tools, um, and you have a little bit more of a sandbox to play in a tinker with, um, then, uh, shared hosting. So this is the, I actually didn't start with VPs. I started with shared, um, but VPs, if you've got clients that really need more resources and, you know, your way around command line and everything you need was setting up the server, um, this is awesome. Um, and what's great too, is the green gates will also support it. So you have support with them. Um, they don't do certain things like backups and you don't have full control over WHM. Um, but enough, especially if you just need a bit more horsepower and you don't want to share resources with strangers, essentially. Um, and then what I started with originally when I first launched this server, um, was just a shared server. So these are their prices for retail, um, what it costs and, uh, the pro and premium, especially for pretty straightforward websites, give you plenty of different options. Um, and totally it handles everything that you would need to know. What's great about this is they have on-demand backups, uh, great support. Um, and so, yeah, everything's included here. So this is a good place to start, um, as I would start with shared and move clients over to their start on the shared server first, unless, you know, your way around a VPs, um, or if you've got a dev ops guy system admin that can really set things up for you on the VPs. Um, if it's a straightforward WordPress sites, honestly, the shared hosting will get you pretty far and, uh, there's some upgrades that you can make for it. Um, and I want to show you guys the, the reseller hosting. So this is what I have. So the reseller hosting is basically what I just showed you, but allows you to resell it. So it gives you a few more different options. Um, so this will give you, uh, 25 different sites and twenty-five C panel accounts. Um, so that what's great about the shared hosting is that C panel is included with it. Um, and I can't remember if the VPs is or not. It was, and then it wasn't, and I think it might be back, but you'll have to confirm that with green geeks. Um, but this is what you're going to want to sign up for. Um, depending on how many accounts you have and how much, uh, disc space you need, either one of these, um, we'll get the job done. I believe I'm on the 50 right now. And then within that, I upgrade different clients to more memory if they need it. Um, and green gigs is great. That'll really help you out if you need to upgrade different clients to an extra $5 a month to get more horsepower, because you don't want to necessarily move it to a VPs, but you need some more memory based upon kind of traffic and what's going on. Um, so this is their reseller hosting. This is where I first started out. This is what I would recommend starting out with, unless, you know, your way around a VPs, um, depending on how many sites you need, how much disc space you need. Um, one of these first two will be plenty to get started and probably the first, this one, we'll get you going just fine. What's great too, is if your current client is, has a C panel, uh, if they're using C panel for their current site, they'll transfer everything for free. Um, and they'll do it for you. So it's a great way to kind of get going and not have to do all the heavy lifting. Um, there is some back and forth that you have to do and have to have certain logins, but this is what I use and what I recommend for hosting only if you feel comfortable with it, if you don't just, I wouldn't mess with it because you also need to be tracking like when sites go down that you'd be on it. That it's basically 24 7. So if you offer a hosting, there's just more expectations on you and you have to deal with a bit more. So I highly recommend if you're not comfortable with it. Um, and this is really only scratching the surface. I'm just showing you exactly what I use and how I use it. Um, but if you don't feel comfortable with any of this, don't even include it, don't offer it and keep them at their current hosting. If you do feel comfortable with it, this is what I recommend is starting with the reseller hosting, put your clients on there, have green geeks, transfer everything, get them set up, um, and then you'll want to run through once you transfer them, you want to run through the site and make sure everything's loading. Everything's working SSL certificates. There's a whole lot there, um, that if you're comfortable with C panel and making those changes, this is a great option for you. You can also upcharge this as well. Um, it's just completely up to you. So that is how I handle hosting and maintenance.