UPWORD Consulting - Week 6



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Hey everyone welcome to week six and module one, and this week we're going to be covering launching the new website so at this point you've done your customer avatar your proposal was approved you got paid. The site is designed and your WordPress development team has coded up the designer template. And now we're ready for final approval from the client to go live, and also so you can get that final payment so at this state, you're still on the development server, you're still working through all the ins and outs and you just want to make sure that you are prepped and ready to go to get this site live and just minimize any negative impact because there's just not a good look. So the more that we can plan and prepare the better. Right

So in the following modules we're going to be covering

mistakes to avoid when launching a site. Everything that you really need to be thinking about when it comes to taking a client site live, especially if their current site has any SEO value if they're getting traffic, we have to deal with that first and have a plan in place to make sure that they don't lose rankings, they are not impacted or severely impacted, and that we just plan ahead.

I'm also going to show you how to QA test, basic things you need to be thinking about will also be covering the exact checklist, I use to ensure that bugs and issues are mitigated before lunch when taking us out live it's really all about the details, the devil is in the details, and making sure that you have a plan in place that you and your team can follow every single time you're about to launch a site to really help avoid painful mistakes in all reality, this is really one of the final pieces of trust building with your client. We want to make sure that the client feels good about going live and that any issues are taken care of beforehand, so the more details, the more plans that you have in place, the smoother This transition will go, and pretty much every transition, something is going to go wrong, something's going to break with just this is the nature of the beast, especially if you're moving to one server to the other I always let clients know, but that's why I make sure I never launch on the weekends, I make drive time budgeted and team ready to go so anything that kind of breaks in the transfer, and you're like what I didn't change anything, you give yourself enough time to figure it out and figure it out immediately. So, with that said, let's hop into the next module.