UPWORD Consulting - Week 6

Mistakes to Avoid


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Everyone welcome to week six in module two, and this one should be a quick one, but really wanted to go over a lot of the mistakes that I've made in the past, when I was first starting out and just wasn't paying attention to the things that I needed to and it definitely caused issues, unnecessary issues and made me not look as great as I should have. And so I want to help you avoid all of that as much as possible.

And really what this comes down to is just paying attention to details and doing the some of the tedious work of checking everything, and making sure

that even if your team is checking multiple eyes on it, that before you send anything to the client or for final approval that

you've done your due diligence and this is something that I do with all of my clients sites they still make sure that I am checking for issues, trying to find any edge cases on the development site. I'm making sure that I've got SEO stuff in place, from their current site. So there's kind of a bit of a few moving pieces, and if you really just take the time to be almost like the expediter writes the Gordon Ramsay if you will, of making sure that before the food leaves the kitchen and goes to the table that your quality control checking everything, even if you have a team queuing it, just make sure that you go through this and you can feel confident as the agency owner and the point of contact with the client, that you've gone through everything personally, you know what's going on any issue arises, it will be much easier for you to know where it's at, how to communicate with your team. And so that's really it is. All of this is about paying attention to details

and taking pride in your work, and some of this is just kind of annoying

because it can get tedious but if you just do it right the first time you've dedicated a little bit of time, it will save you so much space and it will just be a better experience for everyone and for the client and so this is one of those things that I don't really trust anyone with. I do in a sense of I want to waive people to test stuff and people add stuff but for me I don't send anything for final approval until I've gone through the site and I've added WordPress content see making sure that that's working correctly, checking in browsers checking in various devices, and just making sure there are no major issues before we go live, and really before we asked for that final payment. So with that out of the way you want to pay attention to details, and just do do the work. That's really what it comes down to and it will save you so many headaches and it will pay you dividends, and it will be just a great experience for your clients.

So, with that said, let's hop into the next module.