UPWORD Consulting - Week 5



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Hey everyone welcome to week five and module one, and in this week we're going to be covering all things, email marketing related. So at this point, you've done your customer avatar your proposal was approved, you got your first deposit site is completely designed and your WordPress development team is coding it up to make it function. So for my projects, when I hand over the designs or the template to be coded up with WordPress. This is when I begin creating all of my email automations needed for the project. And I'm going to show you exactly how I do that for lead generation, and E commerce projects.

I will also be walking you through my preferred email marketing platform that I personally use for all of my clients for lead gen and E commerce projects.

I'll be walking you through how I set these up for each type of project with real world examples

from there Luke is going to be training you on the frameworks that you can use for high converting email copywriting and how to give your emails best chance of success for your clients of recovering subject line strategies and body copy to help your open rates, click through rates and ultimately conversions.

After that, I'm going to be walking you through how to A/B test all elements of your emails, so that you can start to learn what works, what doesn't and why. And this is really for when your clients want you to take over monthly management of all of their email marketing campaigns, As I mentioned in previous modules, I never include a monthly retainer out of the gate, sometimes it happens but most of the time, I'm still building trust and once they see my foundational email automations working, they want more of it, that's when I send them an additional email marketing proposal for me to manage it monthly. And so this actually just happened with an E commerce client we had built out all their automations and within once we turned it on it recovered like $700 in sales right away and so they immediately were like, We want more of this, and now I've got almost a $2,000 retainer to manage.

Last but not least, I have one of my partner agencies and CEO, Ryan from email all stars who I use for all of my higher end email marketing needs for clients that have bigger budgets for the definitely need more custom design, this is my go to agents, they've worked with over 300 clients I've created 1000 emails.I did some other stuff. I do some really good email marketing.I recommend working with Ironman projects, Ryan is going to be pulling back the curtain to show you their process, how to add even more value for your WordPress projects. So with that out of the way, let's jump into the next one.