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Hey everyone. Welcome to week five and module two. And in this module, we're going to be going over the email marketing platform that I use for all of my email marketing projects.
And we're also going to jump in, I'm going to walk you through all of the different automations that I set up for my WooCommerce projects, um, and to walk through all the standard stuff, I include these pretty much in every single proposal.
So I'm going to walk you through exactly how we do that. Um

Um, but first the platform that I use is Klayvio, um, they are awesome for e-commerce and also for lead generation, they, 50,000 different companies use them.
Um, it is super easy to build out great looking templates. Their support is incredible, and I highly recommend using them.
Um, you'll actually want to set up your own account. There'll be a link down in the action items because you'll want to use this for the agency website that's included with this course so that you can create email automations on your own new agency website, uh, before you start working with your clients.
So it's a great way to practice, so let's get into it. So for here, we're going to start with email automations.
And the first one I do with emails, um, automations So the first one that I always start with is abandoned cart.
Um, so with Klayvio, all you're going to want to do is download their WordPress plugin, will commerce plugin installed on your site and make sure you connect it, um, via the API.
It walks you through. It's very simple. Um, you just connect it mint. So you connect your WooCommerce site to your Klaviyo account or your client's Klayvio account.
And they actually have some of these prebuilt, uh, flows is what they call them for their automation's already built out.
But let me walk you through how I set up abandoned carts. Um, so the very first thing is we want to set up a trigger when you select the flow for the first time, this will already be set up, but basically it's started checkout has not purchased, right?
So what someone has done or not done, they have not placed an order and move commerce zero times since starting this flow.
And they've not been in this flow in the last 30 days. So I like to set the second trigger up or filter so that people just don't abandon and automatically get it all the time.
So this helps kind of prevent that. So when they first abandoned, the very first thing I do is I wait four hours before I send out an email.
Um, and then the first email you'll see, I like to use, well, we'll get right into this. Um, so this is that client that sells those pillows.
Um, so I like to use their first name if possible. Um, it does really well when you personalize things, we've tested this a bunch and personalization has always done a whole lot better.
I've actually got a very lengthy blog post that I'll be including in the assets below that you can review on my website, that goes much deeper into all of this.
Um, so we start with the subject. This is probably the most important thing you need to focus on because if people don't open it, all of this content doesn't matter, Luke will be teaching you some tips and tricks to make sure that, um, you craft the best possible, uh, subject lines.
So you create that intrigue. So I like to start with first name, title, if we've got, it looks like you left something behind.
Um, I don't always include preview text sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't really just depends. This is something that you'll want to AB test once you get that, uh, email marketing retainer.
Um, and so let's get into the content and I set this up very easily. So I always include the logo right up top centered.
Um, and what you'll see here is you can easily duplicate things really, really quickly and you can drag them around.
Um, and the other trick I like to do is when you get something on here, a block that you're going to use over and over, um, you click this star and you can save this block so you can use it on all of your templates and it makes it so much faster to build.
So I put the logo here. I'm obviously sending them to the cart again, personalizing here's their first name. And then we just do short, quick copy.
It looks like you left something behind your cart. Um, so this is just a general reminder. Hey, think you left something behind surprisingly, this reminder does really well.
Um, especially online life happens, people forget things happen and they leave the page or forgot. And then, um, Clavio has got this, um, block where you can just include the cart products and this'll do it automatically for you.
Um, and then when you get in here, you can, uh, change some of the content in here if you want the formatting.
Um, and then add a button, take me to the cart and you see this as saved as my favorite because I use this over and over.
So that is the first email. Um, so the second email we wait, let me go back to the flow so we can see the time.
So then after the first one, I wait 20 hours. So for the next day, so a full 24 hours has passed.
I mean, you'll see here, I actually have an AB test going, um, which we've turned off for the moment. So let me go into manage variation.
And so the second one, the second email I send out is, uh, kind of some benefits, right? So five reasons why pillow one is the best choice.
Um, and so from here, click into it. So you can see, uh, got the logo again, kind of the templates, the same.
I usually just copy the template, find a nice image on Unsplash or a stock image, put it in there and you'll see again, personalization.
And then we go through and we just list out the five benefits, right? So we're thinking about if I was me, if I had neck pain and I saw this product, what would I need to read to help kind of create that trust and push me over the edge, make the purchase.
And that's what we did here, right? So we talk about eight out of 10 customers experience reduction in neck pain, fall asleep faster.
Right. So here's just some great benefits. Um, Okay. Okay. So, uh, that's the first email email that we wait after four hours, um, after they abandoned their cart.
And so then you'll see here, uh, you got a few different options here, these icons, um, UTM tracking. You want to make sure that that is always on so that you can see what's going on, which emails converted within Google analytics that just adds UTM tracking that automatically Google analytics detect.
And then you can see, um, which email actually generated it. Um, and you, you can also see the stats here.
Um, so this email had generated $159 in sales, so we wait 20 hours and then, Oh, and you'll see here, um, smart sending, I keep this off.
Sometimes I keep it on certain flows. Um, but for cart abandonments I want them to go through, um, I want them to see these emails, they get removed if they purchased.
So, um, I don't really want, Klayvio deciding, um, who should get an email in this flow. I want all of these emails to be delivered if they haven't made a purchase.
Right. And so you can see back on this flow, um, the filter, if they've been in this flow in the past 30 days, they won't get any of these emails.
And if they've placed an order, one time, it won't match and they'll get removed. Okay. So we then wait 20 hours.
So a full day. And what I like to do is the next follow-up and I do this with social proof and you'll see here, the subject line, I actually just take, um, one of a nice short quote of I can finally sleep through the night.
So I usually just take that of whatever testimonials I have. And you'll see here in the preview text, see what pillow one customers are gonna say about their pillow.
Um, you'll see, in the content, um, again, logo, little separation. This is just a screenshot of the homepage hero. Um, cause I like this image of brings up consistency.
I'm sure they'll remember it. Um, and then again, just short, punchy email talking about what are, what their customers have.
So I go and I find, uh, their best customer reviews. So this client has Trustpilot I go and just take screenshots of it.
Um, and then I upload the image. So you'll see that I've got just as immature and I link it directly to the site.
So if anyone clicks on it, um, that way you don't have to design anything and it still looks design. Um, so then I put in one, two, three, four of just kind of the best testimonials I could find.
And again, here's the cart. They'll see exactly what items are in the cart and they can go back to it.
So then on, let's go back to the flow. Um, we then wait one full day and then we send, uh, the next email and this is where we want to show some more benefits.
So they, if they still haven't yet, um, here is the next email that we send out. Um, so we just want to show five reasons why pillow one is the best choice for sleep.
Just quick to the point, here are the benefits of it. If in case you're wondering, um, and I really just list this out.
So all the great benefits that this product has, and again, here's their cart. They can go directly to it. Um, so with that, once that gets sent out, if they still haven't purchased, we wait another full day before emailing them and then we offer them a discount.
And as you can see, this has started to work. Um, We then offer them a discount. So in the title, I personalize it and I tell them exactly what the discount is.
Again, in here, we're using the image that they recognize just quick email copy explaining what it is. I like to show a countdown clock.
This is just a GIF that counts down. And the coupon codes, you just generate the coupon code and WooCommerce and you pull it in here.
Um, I typically don't actually put an expiration date on these coupon codes because, um, it can get a bit complicated where you have to generate a ton automatically and talk to Klaviyo.
So I'd just like to present it as it's limited. And at the end of the day, if they ended up purchasing with the coupon after the fact, fantastic, we get more sales.
So then that is the fourth email. Then the last email we wait 20 hours, We'll go back, We'll wait 20 more hours.
So we sent this out saying it's 24 hours ago. We wait 20 hours. And then we say, just a reminder, Hey, there's just four more hours to use your discount again.
It's a very similar email than the last one. Um, and we show here's your coupon code. So that is the abandoned cart sequence.
Now let me show you the welcome series sequence. Okay. So we're back to the flow. So you see the cart abandonment, uh, has saved $492 in sales, um, and for a site that doesn't get a whole lot of traffic, um, this is great that it just automatically recovers it.
So now you'll see this exit intent welcome series. So I set this up, basically it is a welcome series, but there's context to it.
So on this site, we actually have a, one of those spinning wheel things where they can spin the wheel for, to win something, uh, usually to discount.
Um, so then the first thing we do is when they spend that wheel, they often enter their first name and email into it.
Um, and you'll see the flow right here. So someone that hasn't placed the order, um, this, the filter. So they haven't, if they haven't placed an order since starting this flood and they get removed.
Um, and if they haven't, they just keep going through, um, you'll see, this is going to be very similar to the cart Abandonment.
Um, So from here, you can see this email is generated, uh, $1,400 in Sales, um, For people that were exiting the site.
So first email we say again, your discount is inside. I'm very SIM similar to the other ones. We just keep it very consistent.
Here's the logo using image. If you want, you don't have to do images. We just, here's a nice, welcome text.
And quick punchy here is just a little bit about the founder, um, and their coupon code that's generated automatically and then a button to go, go use that coupon code.
Um, and then you will notice that this welcome series is very similar. So if they still haven't purchased again, we show them here is customer reviews and their discount code, very similar to the browse abandonment.
Again, same thing with FAQ's. Uh, this is actually not FAQ's I had that mislabeled, but it's, again, the five reasons why pillow one is the best choice.
Um, And then final email. And we're just saying, Hey, it's a reminder. It's not too late to get a good night's sleep.
Here is just a final reminder if you have any questions respond. So I like to forgot to mention, I like to humanize the emails as much as possible, obviously they're automated, but, um, anyone can reply back to this and the founder will respond to them if they have questions and it just kind of humanizes the brand and puts a face to the company.
Uh, so then we just send out a final email, um, and that is the welcome series and that's the exit intent welcome series.
So The next, so after the cart abandonment, after the welcome series, um, I like to also have a browse abandonment.
So the reason why I didn't show you on the pillow one site is because they only have two products. So there's not a lot of browsing going on.
Um, so I want to show you a different client that, uh, has, uh, a bit more of a product line.
And so we created a browse abandonment, so clavia will detect if someone's been browsing something and they might be interested in it.
And again, this is going to be a very similar flow to a cart abandonment welcome series. So we wait two hours after someone's viewed a product.
Um, we've got filters on here. So they started, uh, checkout zero time since starting this flow. Um, we've got that duplicate or move that, and it's not been in this flow in the past 30 days.
Um, and so this is already built into Clavio Klayvio in terms of the trigger. So you just click on view product and their system does what it needs to do to determine if someone's interested in our product, we then wait two hours and then we send the first email.
And so let me show you this. So we just say, did you see something you liked? Um, and then the content, again, very short, same thing, logo, personalization.
We noticed our product caught your eye, ready to purchase, just click the link below. Um, again, we humanize the brand.
We want to show the founder and then here's the product that they viewed. They can click right to it. Um, and then after that, we wait again 20 hours and I want to send now a social proof email and you'll see on this one, I've got smart sending on because I don't want people to get overwhelmed with emails.
And I want machine learning to make a decision if the person has gotten too many emails. Um, so then we wait 20 hours and I send a social proof email.
And so still wondering if our golf products are right for you. Um, Again, simple logo put in the name, put an image to get an image from the site.
And again, testimonials, and these are just screenshots of their testimonials. So if people, uh, aren't sure they're not trusting put in some testimonials, social proof, and again, they can go right back to the product they were browsing.
Um, and then we then wait two days and we offer a discount. Okay. So you see this is starting to work.
So this site actually, we just launched it barely has any traffic. And these automations actually got me a retainer because they already started working right out of the gate.
Um, so simple email line. Can we sweeten the deal, create that curiosity, um, use the coupon code below the next 24 hours and save 10% on your purchase.
Same countdown gift. Here's your coupon code that we set up we'll commerce and here's the product that they viewed. And this is all pre Klayvio stuff that you just use when you set up the flow.
Um, and then the final one is we wait again 20 hours and we just say four hours left to claim your discount again.
We're just reminding them, here's your coupon code, here's your product? Um, So another flow that I love doing is the first purchase.
Thank you. So when someone purchases for the first time on a client site, we wait one day, right? Same thing.
So are, so when someone places an order and when they've placed an order equals one time over all time, then we're going to set, we're going to wait one day and we're going to send this email.
So again, personalize, first name, um, and this title means it's going to capitalize the first letter of their name. Thank you for your purchase, a little something for you.
So we're kind of curating curiosity and just quick punchy, thanks for your first purchase on web web guys. We're absolutely confident that you'll love our golf, accessories and supplies.
As a token of our things. We're giving you a coupon code below for 10% off your next purchase offers off for the next 48 hours.
So we just include another coupon code and it can go directly to the site and go purchase this. So that is a, another flow that I like to do is first customer.
Thank you. Um, you can also do this with birthdays if you're collecting, if you know their birthday, um, or if you're collecting that, um, these flows work pretty great.
So I also want to show you one more of just a traditional, a welcome series for e-commerce and walk you through this very similar to the other one that I showed you, but just want to give you some different variations.
Um, so first email, uh, when they subscribed to the welcome list. So we've got a form in the footer or people that just want to be a part of their community.
We welcome them and you're going to see here in the email, we just keep it real simple. Um, I like to spread out texts by lines, um, by every two lines when possible it makes it easier to read.
Um, so we're just talking about what the company does. Welcome to it again, humanizing it go shop. So this has already generated almost a hundred dollars in sales by just turning this on.
Um, and then email to we, wait, I think two days on this again, very similar. We're just showing, okay. Here's social proof, pictures of testimonials.
You're going to want to cut that out. I chose the wrong thing. Yeah. So then we wait 20 hours. Um, and then, Oh, I'm in the wrong.
Okay. Cut all of that out. Okay. So then we wait two days, uh, and then we've got this testimonial, right?
So you'll see. I use for the subject line. I use the, just a nice snippet of a testimonial losing my grip is over when our customers think about our golf products.
Again, really quick short people are in a hurry when they're emailing. Um, so we just want to show here is over 6,000 verified reviews.
Here's screenshots of testimonials that I've done. Um, and that's the second email. Then we wait another two days and we send an FAQ email.
So, um, people that want to understand, so with these guys, they sell golf regripping stuff. So we just want to get the most common questions and answers out of the gate so that they feel more comfortable with, um, purchasing one of their products.
So they know exactly what the most common things are. And again, do you have any questions I can reply directly to the email?
Um, and then the email. So again, this is a little bit of a tutorial, so just quick, ready to let the pro shop come to you for a fraction of the price.
Um, so from here, this is, we determine this on the customer avatar session. Uh, they can shop grip kits, we show a testimonials and then we just show it tutorial of how they can do it in eight steps, humanize the brand.
So this is pretty much the framework that I follow for all emails is I really just tried to step in the shoes of a first time visitor.
And what would I want based upon the context of how I got on this list. And then we just create emails that we think will best support that.
And so that is pretty much how I handle all of my, uh, E-commerce automations for clients that maybe smaller budget that don't necessarily need, um, super custom high-end emails.
But we are going to show you that with Ryan, the co-founder of email, all-stars, we're going to walk you through exactly how they do it and how you can work directly with them, and they can handle all of your email marketing needs.
But I wanted to show you, here's what I do for e-commerce email marketing. And it works because at the end of the day, it's got to look good.
And it's also more important about the copy in the subject line. So next module, we are going to go into what I do for lead generation, and it's very similar.