UPWORD Consulting - Week 5

Automations & Lead Generation


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Hi, everyone. Welcome to week five and module three. And in this module, I'm going to go over the kind of the lead generated lead generation automations that we do, um, for our clients.
And you're going to see it's pretty similar to what we do for e-commerce, but obviously we're not, um, trying to get them to sell anything.
We're either trying to get them to schedule a call online or just educate them before they get on a phone call.
So the first one I'm going to show you is from a construction client, they renovate churches. And so when they approached us, they, uh, had, we brought on email automations to help, um, educate people that like requested an estimate or requested a free fabric sample to get them to schedule a call.
Right? So their lead magnet was either a free estimate or a free fabric sample. So once we collected that information, we then got them into an email automation series.
And I'm going to walk you through that now.

So you'll see the fabric samples welcome series. This site is not e-commerce, but I still use Klaviyo for it.
So I just connected their site with the code snippet in the header. And you'll see the triggers when someone subscribes to fabric sample requests, right?
So they get added to that list, which you do on a WordPress, which I'll show you. When we walk through that training on the agency website that you are getting with this course, I'll be walking you through how we do that.
Um, so email one is, we're just sending them an email that your free church, interior fabric samples, very simple, straightforward.
This is exactly what you signed up for. So again, logo centered, nice image. We just took a screenshot from the website, from the assets that they gave us again, personalized because in the form and collect their first name, that always does better.
Again, quick copy of kind of what they're getting into. Um, that talks a little bit more about the free fabric samples that are going to be sent to them a little bit more about the company and they can call right there.
Again, we humanize the email by showing the founder and CEO and just a picture of his family. So that is the first email.
So we'll go back to the flow. So then we waited a day and again, we send social proof now. So we want to show testimonials.
So if someone hasn't called yet, um, or they're getting ready to call, we just want to get them trusting the client even more.
Let me go back to sorry, that subject line. So again, I just make the subject line, a nice sentence from the testimonial and put it in quotes.
They were professionals who cared about the details. So I'm leaving a little bit of curiosity, intrigue, um, and then we get into it.
So again, just a short paragraph of text that we talked about, the company we put in the phone number, their audience skews a bit older, so they like phone calls want to get phone calls.
This is a, uh, I believe a CallRail phone number. So you can track how many calls are being called from an emails.
And again, we just take screenshots from the website of their various testimonials and that's it. And if they want to call great.
So then we wait, uh, two days, We're going to ask him, we're going to send him And FAQ email, right?
Have questions about your church renovations. We have answers straight forward. Again, short, quick introduction, introduction, introductory con copy phone number if they just want to call right away.
And then we just list out the FAQ from the website, very straightforward. Again, they can call and get on the phone with them.
And then the fourth May 4th email and final email. We, again, we wait, do we just wait two days that we talk about one of their benefits, right?
So we've got their first name, church renovations without disrupting Sunday service. This is one of their key unique value propositions that we learned on the customer avatar discovery session.
Um, and again, you'll see simple logo image and we just discuss the benefits of what it's like working with them.
And again, call to action, call them, um, so pretty straightforward. This has done really well for them for lead nurturing and their business has grown since we brought this in.
So this is something we just built once and it just runs for them automatically. Um, and then we've got one more automation.
So if someone has requested a free estimate, same thing, your free church estimate. So very, very similar. This whole flow is very similar.
So we quick introductory introduction texts, and then we just say, here's what happens next. Right? So we just wanted to explain, okay, if they request a estimate, here's what the client is going to do.
It's going to take 72 hours and just keep them calm and excited and top of mind, and then you'll see, Um, Then we go into the same thing.
It's wait one day. Um, same thing with testimonials FAQ's and then final unique selling proposition. So that is the second one welcome series that we do for people that request a free estimate.
So you see, there is kind of a common theme that we, we follow of. Here's what you can expect. Here's social proof, here's some questions and answers in case you're wondering.
And then here's kind of this final email and something that talks a little bit more about the company and the benefits.
Okay. I wanted to show you another series. This is more for people that fill out contact forms, um, and haven't necessarily scheduled a call yet with the client.
So once they enter in the welcome series, the first email they get is kind of unique value proposition, triple the machine for half the price.
Again, you're going to see very similar things, logo center. This is just a screenshot from their website. And then we talk about, this is what we've learned on their customer avatar discovery session that they have tripled the machine for half the price we discuss, um, more about the company, uh, some of their unique benefits US-based customer service.
Um, and then they can schedule a call with an expert. So this is actually linked directly to their Calendly calendar for their sales team.
So people can schedule a call directly with their team if they haven't done so already. So you're going to see a lot of similar emails.
So again, second email we send out after a day or two is here's what customers think. So again, quick little intro text, and then this is literally just screenshots of their, uh, testimonials.
And then again, schedule a call with an expert. This is just a screenshot image from the website and we'd link it directly to their sales calendar.
Welcome series, email three, again, FAQ, you said it's all very common, right? So we just really want to step into the shoes of the customer.
And what would you want if you were a stranger, what would get you Cited to call, um, it's scheduled call email for, Um, again, this is the final call to action.
Schedule a call with one of our experts, some texts and why they should, and then schedule a call with an expert, boom, and they can do it all online.
So that's a another welcome series that we do for lead nurturing lead generation. So people that haven't scheduled a call yet, this is the series that we use to help them Actually schedule a call.

And so that's really how we set up, uh, email automations or flows through CLA Klaviyo for e-commerce and lead generation.
You see, it's super easy to build those templates out, save them as blocks. Um, and so in the next module, Luke is going to be teaching how you actually come up with the copy.
How do you write that? Copy? How do you create intrigue and curiosity and get emails open? And then how do you get them to take action?
Luke is a master at this, and he's going to show you exactly how he does it. And then following that, I'm going to show you some AB AB testing stuff.
So if you do get a client that wants to give you a retainer and have you manage it every month, you're going to need to start testing this every month while you're managing it to figure out what is the best version of each subject line, your flows, all of that, going to show you some basic stuff that I do with AB testing and it's built into Klayvio super easy.
And then following that, we're going to sit down with Ryan. He's got a whole presentation. He's going to show you exactly how, what their process is like for higher end projects for, um, stuff that needs to be designed a little bit better than, uh, kind of these templates and stuff that I do for a lot of my clients.
But when I need higher end stuff and bigger budget stuff, I use Ryan and email all-stars and they are amazing.
So I'm excited for that module as well. Um, if you have any questions, feel free to email us. Also, we'll see you in the private community and our weekly Q and A calls.