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Hi everyone. Welcome to week 2, module one.  I am really excited for this week. These upcoming modules will probably be the most important modules of the entire upword course. 

This process is what I like to call the human-to-human process and it is what has completely transformed my business in ways  that I would have never imagined. 

I was always that guy that was comparing myself to others especially different agency owners. I felt inferior,  like I didn’t have a real agency. An honestly, I just wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong or right.  I felt like I was swinging in the dark with my eyes closed just hoping something would land. 

Once I was able to kind of figure this out and treat my prospects like humans and put myself in their shoes I was able to charge a lot more for my work and not for the sake of charging more for WordPress projects but because I was providing way more value for them I was actually solving their needs I was no longer designing and developing websites for my clients I was now building everything for their ideal customer.

For their ideal customer.

This seem too simple but what I've realized is that 90% of businesses don't even know what their ideal customer looks like. they aren't even sure what's wrong with her current website and so most prospects will assume that it needs a facelift most likely they're correct but that is only a small part of the battle the real issues like underneath the Aesthetics. 

Don't get me wrong the way it looks is critical and creating a sense of trust it goes beyond people don't buy necessarily what they see but what they can Envision. What you'll find repeatedly in these modules is the need to create trust this is literally everything when it comes to not only growing your agency, but for  your clients to get higher and higher Returns on their Investments with you. 

Everything literally boils down to this; does the prospect trust that you can take them from their current situation to their desired outcome will be more than happy to invest with you and that higher rates and the same thing with your clients prospects when they're on their website, how do we create trust that your client intake the site visitor from their current situation to their desired outcome? How do we create sites that will do this for your clients. That's exactly what these modules are going to teach you. This is the exact system I used for my clients.

And here is  just a recap of some of the results that I've gotten from this process. First I'm able to create trust with my prospects in 2 hours or less which leads to higher close rates. Second, this process allows me to get crystal clear on what actually needs to go in my proposal and it allows me to turn that proposal into a powerful strategy document for my prospects which in turn creates more trust with the prospect that I actually done the work, put in the effort and I have a clear plan of place for them, for their exact needs. This way they'll feel much more confident in making the first deposit and turning themselves from a prospect into a paying client, 

So what are we going to over in week 2? The  first thing we're going to cover is the old way versus a new way.  What I used to do that I see a ton of agency owners, Freelancers, Consultants do, and it it seems to make sense but it's actually the incorrect way. And I'm going to walk you through what the new way is and why we do it this way.  

Next we're going to jump into what I call the customer Avatar Discovery session. This is the meat and potatoes of everything. This has completely transformed my business, the entire process, and has kept that voice as bay as I've mentioned, and is everything. So I've actually, I’ve recorded and entire session I'm going to do a whole break down over everything within the session - why I do things the way I do,  why I asked the questions,  why everything is set up the way that it is,  and all you're going to have to do is follow this already built out framework for you. It can't be easier. If you can ask people questions, this process will absolutely work for you. 

Following that I'm actually bringing in an expert copywriter who is going to be training you on exactly what you need to be doing and thinking about when it comes to copywriting for the websites.  Because that the end of the day, as I mentioned before,  people buy what they read,  not necessarily what they see, and copy is so critical. I include this now in every single one of my proposals. 

And then the next module is,  after we have an idea of what our prospect’s ideal customer looks like, and we know that we've got a tool set in terms of copywriting so that we can improve conversion rate on the new website, we now have to craft the proposal. And I'm going to walk you through exactly what my proposals look like, and I'm actually going to walk if your proposal that closed. It was a $10,000 project that closed because of my customer Avatar Discovery session. So I'm going to walk you through exactly how I put that together. 

And what’s exciting is going to be the same for all of your prospects because this process is about human-to-human creating trust and the strategies and tactics that we used to execute that process.  And the great thing is I'm going to include proposals that are already written out that have closed hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue that you can just copy and paste. 

Then from there we're going to be moving on to agreements and invoicing. So I have actually brought in an attorney to teach the legal side of the agreements and we're going to walk through an agreement that you're going to be able to download, change some information to be able to send it to any one of your prospects. And you can feel confident that it has been vetted by an attorney and you will know exactly what to do with this agreement. 

And then I'm going to walk you through how I invoice clients there's two different strategies I use and walk you through some of the mistakes I've made but also how to prevent some of this pain with invoicing that, one I made some small shifts, I no longer had to worry about money coming in and it's super easy to follow. 

So that’s week 2.  Let’s hop into the old way vs the new way module.