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Meet Jon Taggart

Welcome! It is great to e-meet you and I am glad that you are here. It still feels surreal to be in a position to advise others because I used to feel like an imposter, and didn't feel confident charging more for my projects. I spent almost 10 years overcoming these obstacles and my goal is to help as many freelancers as possible overcome them as well, using my proven process that works consistently and predictability to greatly increase your revenue and your confidence.

My WordPress agency has generated over $10 million dollars for my clients using this process. It has also allowed me to completely overhaul my rates with the value I am now able to provide to my clients. I used to charge $1,500 per WordPress project and now I am able to consistently convert projects at rates of $5,000, $10,000 and even $20,000+

My Mission

To help 1,000 freelancers generate $20,000+ of consistent revenue every month.

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